AMGOI Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions


  • Our Gymkhana section consists of staff and student Gymkhana Committee.
  • We have almost all essential sports facility and grounds section made available for the Student and Staff.
  • We have invested near about Rs 60,000 Lakh for leveling ground and from that we have prepared Kabbadi, Kho – Kho, Volley Ball, Foot Ball grounds and Cricket cement wicket with Box Net.
  • We have invested near about Rs 5,00,000 Lakh for Purchasing Sports Materials from that we have Purchased Table Tennis table, all leather ball Cricket equipments of GM company, Full Foot Ball Kit with Shoes, Stocking, Shine Guard and Dress, for Kabbadi, Kho – Kho, Volley Ball, Basket Ball grounds as well as material also purchased.
  • We ensure our participation in almost all Games organized by Shivaji University Zone and Inter Zone and Student have Won Prizes at various levels.

Name of the Committee: Gymkhana Dept.
Member Secretary : Prof. S.S.Bhapkar
Constitutions of the Committee:

S.N Name Institute Designation Committee Specifics
1 Dr. Ravi Kottur Director President
2 Dr. D. N. Mudgal Executive Director Member
3 Mr. K Mounesh Gymkhana Co-Incharge Member
4 Mr. S.V. Dabhade Physical Director Member
5 Mr. A. K. Habale Physical Instructor Member
6 Mr. A. S. Dinde Non-Teaching Staff Member
7 Mr. S. S. Patil Sports G. S. Member
8 Mr. S. S. Bhapkar Gymkhana Incharge Member Secretary

» Formulate students counsel every year

» Purchase sports material every year as per requirement.
» Provide all sports facilities for the students.
» Provide all sports facilities for the students.
» Plan for annual Sports.
» Take feedback from the students and take corrective actions on it.

2. Meetings Details :Frequency of Meeting in a Academic Year : 1

Gymkhana Department Annual Gymkhana Report Year 2016 – 17

1. Annual Gymkhana Report Year 2016 – 17

2. General Championship Points Analysis Table

3. Annual sports 2016-17 Final results 

4. Gymkhana 2015-16 Annual Report

5. Gymkhana 2014-15 Annual Report

Prof. S. S. Bhapkar Gymkhana In charge

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